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When countries ban petrol and diesel cars systems must have been thoroughly tested so that they can carry the additional load of charging. Some 25 to 30 percent of cars must be electric or hybrid. Otherwise many less pleasant experiences are likely to be made as the load from charging increases and the majority of cars need to be charged on a daily basis. To charge all cars in Germany there will be a need for 110 TWh of electricity and by then also a substantial share of trucks will be electric. All trucks will need another 110 TWh.


All cars will need chargers and power production and distribution will need expansion and power grids need to become digitized. For the expansion to take place a large number of new companies need to be established and operations within a number of existing companies and industries need to adapt to electromobility.


Similar large-scale changes will be needed within other areas of sustainability for the process to make progress. Present small-scale projects need to be replaced by large transformation efforts. New materials, local production and distribution systems and other concepts of the circular economy need to be implemented.

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