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IN-Grid is a source of knowledge about electric mobility and aspects related to the development and growth of electric transportation. It was launched as part of the communication efforts of the project Creating Automotive Renewal (CAR), which was co-financed by the South Baltic Interreg Programme and involved ten partners from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Poland.

Electric mobility is a development that is at present at an early stage and the complexity of the implementation has not yet become obvious. In 2019 about 0.5 per cent of all cars in the world were electric or hybrid – less than one million out of 1.2 billion. There are some 100 million heavy vehicles and among those very few were electric. Heavy long-distance transportation will either require very large batteries on trucks or it will require electric highways and motorways where electric trucks and buses can charge as they drive.

Expanding electric vehicle fleets will need increasing amounts of electricity and power grids need to become more responsive to intermittent production of wind and solar power and the increasing demand from electric vehicles, computer centres and other new users. The challenges will include several areas:

  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure

  • Connectivity, data transfer, and control of power grids and charging infrastructure

  • Subscriptions, payments, and payment solutions

  • Business models, technology and systems development

  • Smart Grid technologies and solutions

These functions all converge around the power grid. The ability to develop user-friendly and cost-effective solutions will to a large extent depend on the ability to optimise charging and the use of electricity. The name IN-Grid refers to the dependence of all aspects on power grids and on the information exchange around charging and grid optimization.


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