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Rostock Port

As a harbour Rostock Port will have a key role in enabling travellers to charge their vehicles while waiting for their ferry. There are also substantial opportunities to change the port’s own vehicles to electric alternatives. Through CAR Rostock Port will have the opportunity to analyse the different opportunities and invest in the charging infrastructure that will be necessary for these different purposes.

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Ostfalia Research Centre of Energy and Mobility – CEMO


The aim of the Research Center of Energy and Mobility (CEMO) is to support research and to merge research activities of the different players at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in interaction with external partners. Further interest of the CEMO is to exchange and distribute the interfaculty and interdisciplinary information as well as knowledge transfer concerning energy- and mobility-activities between Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, companies, energy providers and customers. The aim is also to publish the results of research-activities with means of symposiums, workshops and publications. The vision of the CEMO is to provide the energy for the electric vehicles mostly out of regenerative energy-sources and to create the future mobility with a minimum of CO2-emissions.

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