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New project in electromobility with four services

We finished the project Creating Automotive Renewal (CAR) in 2021 and have since then developed a number of new project ideas.

In 2022 IUC Syd and two partners, DTU and Gdansk University of Technology, received financing for a seed money project called South Baltic Electromobility as a Service. We organized a workshop in the project in Malmö in June 2022, where a number of ideas for electromobility services were discussed and developed.

SBES resulted in an application for a full-scale project to the South Baltic Interreg programme in February of 2023. The project includes the development of four services:

- A service for the mapping of the need to expand charging infrastructure and power grids.

- A service for the monitoring of the utilization of existing public and semi-public charging infrastructure.

- A service for the grading of used electric vehicle batteries and the re-use of batteries in stationary charging facilities.

- A service for the optimization of the use of electricity generated from solar panels and for the optimization of additional charging from the power grid.

11 partners will participate in the project. The partners are:

  • IUC Syd

  • Trelleborg Municipality

  • Chargex AB

  • Norbridge AB

  • Danish Technical University

  • Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

  • Gdansk University of Technology

  • City of Gdynia

  • Regain Sp z.o.o

  • Klaipeda University

  • Administration of the Silale Municipality

We are now waiting for the result of the evaluation, which will come in a few months time.

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