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The full potential of e-mobility

Electric vehicles are much more than just a means of transportation. They represent a large storage opportunity for the electrical grid using the new technology called ‘vehicle to grid’. At DTU Center for Electric Power and Energy, we study how this technology can be used to support the balancing of the electrical system (namely frequency control) and increase the amount of renewable energy connected to the grid. Participating into the frequency control can provide the user with an additional revenue stream, but it involves an increased degradation of the battery.

Currently we are measuring the battery health of vehicles providing frequency control on top of being driven every day. In this way we can determine the profitability of the service provision by including also the additional cost determined by the battery wear.

For further reading please refer to:

  • L. Calearo, M. Marinelli, “Profitability of Frequency Regulation by Electric Vehicles in Denmark and Japan, Considering Battery Degradation Costs,” World Electr. Veh. J., 2020 (paper still under review, but soon to be published).

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