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Workshops on electromobilty

Two weeks ago we held a workshop on electromobility training needs at Gdansk University of Technology. Many people at municipalities, other public organizations, and companies need to better understand the challenges of electromobility. Large local projects will have to be run to expand charging infrastructure and power grids to facilitate the charging of all electric vehicles in the future. The EU will ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 and at the same time many electric trucks and buses will replace diesel vehicles.

IUC Syd has received financing from the Swedish Institute for the project EMTRADA, which means ElectroMobility TRaiing for Administrators and DecisionmAkers. We are going to, together with Gdansk University of Technology, Tartu Municipality, and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, and further partners in these three countries (Poland, Estonia, and Germany) develop training programmes for administrators and decision makers that will need to know more about electromobility.

The next workshop will be held in Tartu on the 7th of March. If you happen to pass by, you are welcome, or you may want to participate on-line. Just tell us and we will send a link.

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