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Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant needs fixing!

The global economy is the world’s largest catering service. It brings food to the majority of the world’s population day in and day out. In the years to come the fuel of the global economy, oil, is likely to get scarce and there is no new transport system ready to replace present ones. Governments have failed to take the measures necessary to develop new technologies and systems to maturity and competitiveness so they can rapidly be implemented to replace petrol and diesel.

Anyone angry? Do people understand the predicament? Greta Thunberg argues that governments need to do more to mitigate global warming, but declining oil production will reduce emissions automatically by making less oil available. Food, clothes, and everything that is needed to run a modern society is transported using oil as fuel. Who will be the Gordon Ramsay of sustainability and resilience who can do more than argue that to little is being done, but who can actually start the activities that will be necessary to secure transportation into the future?

Look up Mats Larsson's new book “The Blind Guardians of Ignorance – Covid -19, Sustainability, and Our Vulnerable Future” to find out how countries need to work to create a sustainable future!

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